do any of the following apply to you?

✔ You find yourself living paycheck to paycheck because you never seem to have enough each month

✔You find it hard to conclude sales with your clients no matter how hard you work at it

✔When you’re about to close a deal on a project something always comes up resulting in deal being cancelled

✔Your business keeps losing money and even when there’s big revenue that comes in they seem to run out pretty fast

✔Your customers don’t pay you on time

✔You feel like you’re not living your life to your fullest potential

✔You feel that you don’t have enough money and time to do what you really want to do in life

✔Your customers not willing to pay you what you truly deserve for your products or services

✔You’re not getting paid enough to do what you love doing

If you answer YES to at least one of the above, then keep reading to find out the solution.


What is this Flow-In-Millions Masterclass?

Can you take a moment to picture this...

YOU having more than enough money to do, have and be anything you want. Imagine you’re able to overcome the problem that you identified earlier? Imagine how will that change your life, your family and others around you?

What if we say that you can accomplish this simply by being aware and mindful of your words, thoughts and actions and then able to effectively remove "blockages" that are hindering wealth and abundance from entering and remaining in your life?

Well, that’s what this masterclass is all about!


What will you get from this masterclass?

As a RESULT of this masterclass you will:

  • UNCOVER “blockages” and RELEASE them once and for all

  • RECREATE your financial reality by learning to project and attract new money energies

  • ALLOW wealth and abundance to come and remain in your life

  • EXPAND AND INCREASE your wealth tenfold

  • RECONNECT with your inner being to fully realize what you are meant to be, have and do



Don’t worry we understand that you are probably inundated with so much information especially living in this Google age. So that’s why we design this to be a no-frill masterclass, so that you can take immediate actions and start reaping the rewards.

With this in mind, the modules are purposefully prepared and sequenced so that it makes perfect sense and the techniques and tools are made practical and simple yet impactful.

Infact, during the masterclass - our maestro speaker will personally go through each of the modules and guide you how to apply the techniques and tools one by one.



Part 1 – Energy 101

Our entire world consists of energy including us. In this part, you will learn what energy really is, where they can be found, how they affect you more than you realize daily and the mutiple ways you can make use of it.

Part 2 Master Mind

You will learn and be guided on the focus, concentration and meditation techniques that will help you become mindful and aware of your thoughts, words and actions so that you can become connected to money energy better.

Part 3 Belief Hacking

This part focuses on uncovering your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging actions that are blocking money energy from flowing to you in abundance. Based on experience, we have identified 24 common blockages that almost everyone have. 12 of them will be addressed at this masterclass.

Part 4 Energy Clearing

Now that you have identified the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging actions that are blocking your money energy; in this part you will learn and be guided on how to eliminate them entirely combined with powerful energy clearing practices.

Part 5 - The Art of Allowing

You will learn and be guided on the ways that you can adopt to set yourself up for high vibration energies that will put your money energy into high drive so that money will enter and remain.



Our Guarantee

Please note this is not some “Get Rich Quick Scheme” and we can’t guarantee that you’ll become a multi millionaire or make a specific amount of money by the end of the masterclass.

However, we can promise you this: as you shift your mindset and energy you will become more aware and connected to the core of yourself and the world around you; such that you will start experiencing renewed flow of energies that will not only affect you personally but also your finances.

Although this masterclass is specifically designed for the purpose of financial abundance, by applying the principles shared in the masterclass it has been known to also positively impact people in other areas of their lives – meaning that this masterclass can provide a holistic breakthrough to your life.

Speaker’s Bio

Shuhada Alauddin is the founder, coach, transformational speaker and writer at MYRYL where her forte are in Colour Energy & Behavioral Analysis; using her expertise to help, guide, inspire and transform the personal and career lives of others.

Shuhada and her work have been featured in the Huffington Post, British Muslim TV, Halal Media Japan, Gaya Magazine Singapore, The Star, Herworld, Cosmopolitan Malaysia, Marie Claire, Feel Good Show NTV7, Bella NTV7 and The Breakfast Show NTV7, amongst others.

She travels all over Malaysia and internationally to conduct workshops and courses for her clients. To add on to that, she also had her own TV shows and segments with the local broadcasting stations like TV3, Astro, TV Alhijrah, and Capital TV where she got to share on her expertise.

For a full day masterclass that will disrupt your reality and bring in more money – the investment cost is merely that.

Perhaps this is not for you because money energy is your best friend; BUT know someone who would like to RELEASE blockages to RECREATE their reality by ALLOWING ABUNDANCE to INCREASE and EXPAND their WEALTH - please share with them about this and send them our way.