MYRYL [pronounced as my-real] which stands for “Master Yourself Revamp Your Life” started off as a personality development and self-enrichment program put together to help individuals identify their characteristics, strengths, true potential and weaknesses by way of colour therapy and mind mastery.

 Recognizing the need to be more versatile in coming up with more creative, practical and relevant content for its participants; MYRYL has incorporated other soft skills into its modules such as behavioural analysis skills, persuasive & clean language skills, negotiation skills and much more so that its participants will walk away from its program equipped with tools that can help them change or improve their lives, career as we all as relationships, be it personal or business. 

Why Us?

Based on our experience, those who have participated in our program have gone through phenomenal transformation in their personal as well as professional lives and have given them a different outlook in life as a result of a significant shift in their mind-set.

We are therefore confident that by choosing our program, it would be the right thing to do because just imagine how much better you become when you are motivated, positive and is an emotionally intelligent person. That is the real value created through our program that simply cannot be measured.

 Our Team

MYRYL was founded by Shuhada Alauddin to share her life changing experience and to spread the message that it's never too late to start afresh; because she strongly believes that anyone can be, accomplish and do anything that they dream of as long as they have the right mindset and attitude.

In this journey, she is joined by a team of people who have the same core values, who are equally passionate in bringing out the best in others and who are dedicated in helping create positive experiences to those who come to MYRYL.