Behavioral Analysis Programs

People are all different and because of that, communication is key to understanding someone. However, the right communication approach, style and strategy needs to be in line with the person you are communicating; to ensure that trust is built and relationship can be formed.

Our Behavioral Analysis Programs are specially crafted to help you achieve the above. But the best part is that, we strategically include this into each of our personality development programs such that our participants will double the benefits in one holistic program.

Personality Development Programs

Our Personality Development programs are the much sought after programs by indidviduals who wish to get to know themselves at a deeper level that will help them identify their characteristics, strengths, true potential and weaknesses which is accomplished through the unique method of colour therapy.  

 One of the areas that this can help is in identifying the suitable career for the individual; which is why our “Colours & Career Workshop” is our best selling program for the year 2014.

The Public Programs Offered for Individuals:

Half-Day Introductory “Colours & Personality Workshop” – RM340.00/pax

 Participants will learn the basics of identifying their own personality and that of others using the colour therapy methods, the meaning of each colour and how they relate to personalities as well as how they can apply colour in their everyday lives be it at home or at work, for their well being.

Bonus: We even throw in some basic behavioral analysis skills that can help our participants to start communicating effectively according to each person’s unique personality.

Full-Day “Colours & Career Workshop” – RM899/pax

Participants will go through a journey of self -discovery to identify their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses & true potential while overcoming their weaknesses using the colour therapy methods. We don't just help identify their potential but we also guide them on how to manifest that potential into a goal that they can accomplish and increase their self esteem and confidence level to help them accomplish that goal.

Discover how to unlock & unleash one’s potential while at the same time eliminate limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. 

And then we go further by equipping them with the tools required for day-to-day use to manifest their goals, change their life or simply to improve their current state; including the crucial and relevant behavioral analysis skills. 

3-Day Advanced Colour Therapy Workshop – RM3,500/pax

 In this workshop, participants will learn anything and everything there is to know about colours, colour therapy and even numbers (surprised?) especially in terms of personality development, personal well-being and space manipulation. 

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3-Day Advanced Behavioral Analysis Workshop – RM3,500/pax

In this workshop, participants will learn from the basics up to the intensive skills of behavioral analysis in areas of people profiling, meaning of non-verbal communication, hidden meaning of verbal communication, micro expression detection and its meaning and the manner of dealing with each situation.

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